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Local Info: "Image Maker Hair Salon and Wig Studio". 1033 A Claymont Dr. & on the corner of Forest Rd. (Rt. 221), Lynchburg, Va. 24502. For our Private fitting room and Consultations Appointments are preferred. Salon Phone 434 385 0347 or 434 942 2949. See Salon Store Front

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Proper Shampooing and Styling will prolong the life, shine and curl for your hair additions Products & Accessories Styro Foam Wig Heads Short Neck shown. Also available in Long Neck. Color White. # BN27L-2-Short neck # BN27L-3-Long Neck WIRE WIG STAND FOLDING One Wig Stand # BN27L-2WWS Wire Wig Stand

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You have spent a considerable amount of money.

You love the way you look and feel about yourself while wearing your new hairpiece.

Protect your investment!

General Information  Synthetic Hair   100% Human Hair   Human Hair Blends   Heat Defiant  

Special Care For Long Hair   Braided Hairpieces and Chignons

Frequency of shampooing depends how frequently you wear your piece and the type of products used for cleansing, styling and hold.

By not using products specified for synthetic and human hair pieces there will be a need to cleanse more often. Products not specifically made for wigs and hairpieces will eventually leave a build up on the fibers and even strip the color since wigs and hair pieces; synthetic and human, have been colored chemically processed by the manufacturer. 

Build up is where products adhere to the hair shaft and cannot be removed with normal cleansing shampoo. The result of the build up is your hairpiece or wig will lose shine, body and style-ability. They will become dry in appearance and  possibly become frizzy ends.

Shampoos designed to remove product build up which includes build up of non professional over the counter use of conditioners and hair sprays is a stronger shampoo that often consists of ingredients such as salts and baking sodas that create an abrasive ingredient to remove the products used that caused the build up. 

This type of shampoo more than likely would be too strong and color stripping to use on your hair pieces and wigs that may even cause more damage.

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Custom Designed Maintenance Special Deal are products for specified use for your hair replacements.

Choosing to not purchase maintenance compatible products from a wig and hair piece business is a decision you make that may shorten the beautiful appearance and longevity of your wig or hair piece.

To cleanse:

Remember! Synthetic hair replacements are made of plastics and have no cuticle to absorb hair products, therefore what you use for cleansing and styling will make a tremendous difference in the way your product manages, styles and longevity.

Use the special shampoo for synthetic hair extensions, and wigs; put enough tepid to cool water in the sink to cover the unit.

Add 1 teaspoons of shampoo to the water, submerse the hairpiece or wig and allow to soak in the lathered water 5 - 10 minutes.

If you have a pre-braided extension follow the same procedure to cleanse.


Remove from shampoo; re-submerse in new, clean un-lathered tepid to cool water and allow to sit in water for 5 - 10 minutes. Do not rub.

 You can add a detangling product to the water or on item after rinsing.

Remove from rinse water place in a towel, spray with the leave in spray conditioner if a detangling product was not used. Very lightly and gently blot some of the water from the extension or wig with another towel.


After towel drying and if not a pre-braided hair extension.....remove from towel and lightly shake the hair replacement. Please do not comb or brush while wet. Doing so will remove or relax the built in body and curl. Do not put your wig on a styro foam head to dry. Put the wig on the styro foam head after it has dried. Putting you wig on a styro foam head while wet will stretch the netting or wefts and make your wig larger in size. Some people use a clothes pin to hang and dry the wig. I would not recommend this since you may get a dip or crease where the clothes pin was. Lay the hair replacement / wig or extension flat to dry or place over a tall glass. Normally your hair replacements will dry very quickly in about two hours; for the quality of fibers we sell, however that length of time depends on the fibers as some consist of fibers that are much heaver in weight and have course hair.

Since there are huge differences in craftsmanship, I only can speak for and stand behind the hair replacements sold on this website.


 Allow to dry naturally, without heat or sunlight.

Do not go near an open flame or an open oven or use artificial tanning equipment (tanning beds) while wearing synthetic fibers.

 Heat will damage your synthetic hair replacement and sunlight may cause your replacement to lighten in color since they are synthetic colors. When dry, spray with the synthetic hair new again glossifier then lightly apply hair spray if needed to hold in any fly-away hair that may need patted down or controlled.

To style:

Use the wig brush and fluff to your style. Synthetic hair replacements have built in body and curl and there is no fussing with restyling. The curl and body will not leave unless there is miss-use or care or age of the unit that needs replaced. Do not use hot irons, curling irons, blow drier or hot styling tools.

Styling is very easy with either finger tips or a wig brush. DO NOT USE HEAT. Our wigs and hairpieces are so designed that ease of styling and handling is one of their important features. Height can be achieved by gently lifting with the brush. Your wig can be styled closer to the head for a flatter look. If added fullness is desired backcomb gently, then smooth the surface hair over the backcombing.

The same holds true for synthetic hairpieces, extensions and integrations.   

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100% Human Hair:

It is recommended that you follow the same instructions however heat can be applied as well as PROFESSIONAL SALON hair color or slight perming for additional curl if needed. You may also gently brush Human Hair while it is wet being careful not to loosen the hairs from the wefts.

If you perm your hair replacement it is strongly recommended that a LICENSED AND EXPERIENCED hairstylist do this for you and that a perm for color treated hair is used. Perms should be very gentle and small tiny or thin perm rods should not be used with perm processing for a minimal amount of time.

I recommend PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS ONLY for coloring and perming.

Your LICENSED AND EXPERIENCED HAIRSTYLIST will know exactly what to use when given the above information. The hairstylist knows the products they use and what they will or will not do.

When you roller set you Human Hair hair replacement you should use a setting gel and hair spray for hold.

If you like tight curls you can roller set in perm rods using the size of rod for your desired curl.

Please remember, when you shampoo your Human Hair replacement that your unit has been color treated before your purchased it; even when you order straight colors as brown, black or red or blond. Because of the plentiful, vast and lavish available hair colors this could never be

without pre-coloring during the custom coloring at the manufacturers.

Therefore, wig products for Human Hair is strongly recommended and remember....prolonged sunlight will lighted hair color and the hair replacement's hair color. Shampoo and conditioning treatments for color treated hair can be purchased from your stylist using their professional recommendation. There are very good hair replacement care products sold on this website. Please take a look at what we have to offer.

Human hair goods should be treated as "one of a kind". Human hair is not a mechanically produced item as is synthetic hair fiber used in most hair goods today. Human hair can vary from straight to wavy as well as finer to thicker hair textures. Therefore, each hairpiece made of human hair may vary because of these differences.

Our human hair has been chemically pretreated to create various hair colors and should be understood that the cuticle has been slightly stripped off and should not be considered as virgin hair when styling or doing any other process.

The products used to maintain your human hairpiece or wig are of great importance for it's condition, appearance and longevity. You should ALWAYS use the best quality products, conditioning shampoo and conditioner designed for restoring chemically treated hair.

SHAMPOOING your human hair item essential in the same manner as synthetic. Do not ring, rub or twist you human hair product.

STYLING your human hair item can be done using hot irons, curling irons, electric rollers, blow drier or hair drier. I have found that some manufacturers human hair curls better than others.

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GENTLY comb through tangles using a wide tooth comb or a wide tooth plastic hair pick.

SHAMPOO in cool water. Rinse thoroughly in cool water and shake out excess water. Apply a wig hairpiece spray in conditioner. Either allow to air dry or blow dry. NOTE! It is recommended that ONLY a wide tooth comb or plastic wide tooth hair pick to style and/or detangle.

HUMAN HAIR BLENDS can be curled with moderately warm curling irons. A blow drier can be used for drying. To be sure you are not using a too hot curling iron I recommend testing the curl at the underneath nape hair whereas if your iron is too hot any damaged hair will not be seen.

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HEAT DEFIANT is a new innovative wig design for synthetic hair fibers where heat can be applied for styling.

1. To CURL, comb hair free of tangles. Take a 1 to 1.5 " section of hair (smaller sections for tighter curl and larger for looser curl). Gather hair in curling iron, smooth through to the ends, roll up towards the weft. Hold for 15 to 20 seconds and release curl into palm of your hand. You can re-curl after the 15 to 20 seconds if the curl has not been curled to the desired consistency.

2. CLIP and comb hair free of tangles.

3. COOL allowing curl to cool completely, remove clip, let hair hang naturally. Hair can be combed (use fingers or wide tooth comb or plastic hair pick for best results).

USING A FLAT IRON! Take 1 to 1.5" section starting at least 2" away from base, slowly smooth flat iron down towards end, keep hair smoother with a comb behind the flat iron. Continue through ends 2 to 3 times if needed. Allow hair to hang naturally to cool.

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Please be aware that with long hair wigs and hairpieces to keep their beauty special care must be taken for the longevity of these beautiful hair replacements be it human hair or synthetic, blends or heat defiant. The hair will brush up against your collar, shoulders and clothing and as a result the ends will become dry looking and frizzed. The only fix to this is to cut off the damaged area. This happens normally and to all long hair products regardless of who makes them, some brands just get damaged sooner than others.

Thus! A very good conditioner needs to be used from the very beginning of the purchase. I have found the Redken "All Soft" hair products to be the best. Use it faithfully and the frizz problem will diminish considerably.   

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Braided Hairpieces and Chignons:

To cleanse:

Use the special shampoo for synthetic hair extensions, put enough tepid to cool water in the sink to cover the unit. Add shampoo to the water, about 1 to 2 teaspoons; submerse the chignon maker wrapped in a hair net and allow to soak in the lathered water 5 - 10 minutes while still braided.


Remove from shampoo; re-submerse in new, clean un-lathered tepid to cool water and allow to sit in water for 5 - 10 minutes. Remove from rinse water sit on a towel, spray with the leave in spray conditioner. You can very lightly blot some of the water from the extension with another towel.


Allow to dry naturally with out heat or sunlight. When dry, spray with the synthetic hair new again glossifier then apply lightly hair spray if needed to hold in any fly-away hair that may need patted down.

Following these easy instructions will prolong the life of your beautiful chignon maker for a very

long time.

Styling, care and attaching instructions are included with every order.

Be Sure to see our other Links and Catalog Pages for Hairpieces, Hair Integrations, Falls, Hair Extensions, Wigs, Hair Replacements, Turbans and Hats Collections Catalog Index Links, along with Banana Comb Hair Extensions, Braids, Butterfly Hair Extensions, Chignons, Barrette Hair Extensions,

Tiny Hair Fillers, Wiglets, helpful information for educating on proper choices, Hair Loss, Medical Hair Loss Conditions, about the creator of this website, the family behind it and much more; click below link.

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I sincerely thank you for looking at Beautiful Naturally Wigs Hairpieces Website.


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