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This is Picture not linked, scroll page for details,                                                 http://www.todaystylist.com/"Intermingle Lexure" Men's Toupee  Natural Wave Synthetic Hair Fiber. Monofilament Top and completely Hand Tied. Standard 6 1/2" x 9" base size with a polyurethane boarder for easy attachment. # BN27J-2362WM   "Lexure" Men's Toupee 

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http://www.todaystylist.com/"Intermingle Lexure" Men's Toupee  Natural Wave Synthetic Hair Fiber. Monofilament Top and completely Hand Tied. Standard 6 1/2" x 9" base size with a polyurethane boarder for easy attachment. # BN27J-2362WM      http://www.todaystylist.com/ CLICK THIS PHOTO TO ENLARGE IMAGE

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Please note! The inside base image shown is not of this toupee style

but what it does show is the appearance of construction.

Toupee and Base Cap Description

A soft wave style. Not course hair. Synthetic Hair Fiber. Monofilament Base and completely Hand Tied. Standard 6 1/2" x 9" base size with a polyurethane boarder for easy attachment. "Curled as shown".

Mono top with silk skin polyurethane boarder re-enforcement.

Silk polyurethane Monofilament allows the scalp to breath while wearing

and can be worn parted anywhere or without a part including with or without bangs.

The entire base is a well made Transparent Silk Monofilament.

Each hair is Hand Tied in place.

You can part this toupee any where and when you do; your scalp shows within the part through the transparent silk monofilament.

A wonderfully effective quality constructed craftsmanship for today's well dressed men.

Simply and easily run your fingers through this toupee and the hair style keeps coming back.

No fussing, just use the hair to-do time for fun.

Most wigs, toupees and hair pieces will need a slight re-shaped customized cut to meet your critiqued style specifications.

Weight: 27 GR

Colors Available 1B, 1B20, 1B50, 1B60, 1B80, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 6M, 7, 7, 8M, 10M, 12M, 14M, 18, 27,
M54, 59, 60, 60R, 210, 240, 320, 350,
420, 520, 540, 580, 640, 720, 740, 2020

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Price: $340.00

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 Order # BN27J-2362TM Lexure

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http://www.todaystylist.com http://www.todaystylist.com/ Styro Foam Wig Heads Short Neck shown. Also available in Long Neck. Color White. # BN27L-2-Short neck # BN27L-3-Long Neck   http://www.todaystylist.com/ WIRE WIG STAND FOLDING One Wig Stand # BN27L-2WWS Wire Wig Stand  

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Simplified Ordering call 434 942-2949

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