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Beautiful Naturally Wigs Hair Pieces USA Website published yr. 2000 Salon established 1989

This page Represents:

Alice Hampton The Lady Behind The Website,

PROFESSIONAL Hair Stylist, Colorist, Perms, Free 30 min. Consultations

Wigs, Hairpieces, Toupees Hair Replacements Consultant, Fitter, Retail,

 General HAIR REPLACEMENT Maintenance AND Educator.

   Local Info: "Image Maker Hair Salon and Wig Studio." 1033 A Claymont Dr. on the corner of Forest Rd. (Rt. 221), Lynchburg, Va. 24502.

 For our Private fitting room and Consultations Appointments are preferred.

Salon Phone 434 385 0347.

Mobile: 434 942 2949 or 434 660 2259

 See Salon Store Front Appointments   Hours   Location

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Website questions & purchases Ph. Alice @ 434 942 2949 9AM-7PM EST.

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"Love Your Look" Specializing in Corrective Hair Color

and Hair Replacements

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You are cordially invited to our "New" Comfortable Friendly Salon

Salon Owners Alice Hampton and Nicki Mohler.


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Alice Thank you for looking at Beautiful Naturally Wigs & Hair Pieces Website. I sincerely appreciate your viewing. Have an awesome day. Alice

Hi There,

There have been so many web clients wanting to know about the creator of this website

that I decided to do a page that will answer all of your questions while telling you a bit about myself.

Thank you for your interest and all of your wonderful, complimentary  emails and purchases.

As I created my business website I never expected such kind words.

Gerald (deceased) and Alice Hampton Sr.

I include my husband, Gerald D Hampton my picture. (NOW DECEASED)

He was my best friend and biggest supporter within all I endeavored regardless

of whether I made proficient or not significant decisions. Bday 4/5**** :) Born in Pennsylvania.

I was born and raised in a small town near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

My mother died of Stomach Cancer 1/1989.

 My father died of a massive heart attack 4/8/1978.

How I still miss them.


I have one sister, Gloria Jean whom I love very much and she knows my deepest feelings.

My mother was a home maker, my father was a Coal Miner who later in his late 30's

 became employed at Pittsburgh Plate Glass in the Fiber Glass Department and is my hero.

As many daughters are, I was a daddies girl and with my own daughter

I can see she is her dad's daddies girl yet I am proud to say she is my best friend. 

There are two children I have been blessed giving birth to, one son and one daughter.

My son passed away exactly one year after my husband in the exact surroundings.


Our children blessed us with four grandsons who in turn blessed us

with three great grandsons and soon a sweet grand daughter..

One grandson we raised, my son's child and, the oldest of the grandsons. 

I am very family orientated and a Reborn Again Christian. God is so prevalent in my life that

I could build another website just about Him always being there for me.

Please note that my acknowledgment of Jesus is not intended

to be impervious or reflect on anyone's Spiritual beliefs.


Profession: Hairstylist since 1969. I have been blessed with a profession that I not only

dearly love, enjoy whereas in itself has been a blessing to me.

Salon owner 1982 to 2002 and presently with my daughter,

Co-Owner of Image Maker Hair Salon & Wig Studio.

Being a volunteer in many areas throughout my life. An educator to other hairstylists,

 Four H Leader, makeup application educator, President and Vice President of the local Hairdresser's

Affiliate, doing programs for local women's groups,  Look Good Feel Better Program and Hospice.

I have taken accredited classes in Pastoral Care through

Rev. Glynn Coleman and Psychology at the Community College.

I have been asked if this website is a hobby.

The answer to that is that I guess you could consider it to be in part.

I consider a hobby as something you enjoy doing outside of work that brings

 gratification and relaxation.

However I very much regard and treat this website as as a dedicated business.

I have chosen to personally create my website for several reasons:

I felt that no one could put into my website the facts and feelings behind it that

I wanted to undertake. It may not be all that superior; but it is me.

Being independent, I am not a Franchise nor do I have multiple hair replacements mirror

websites under different names.

I am honest, upfront, caring and sincere.


Dedicating my life to God I wanted Him to be part of my

website as we are to show and share God's love with others.

I wanted my website personable, gracious and welcoming.

Why do I do this? Wow, what a strong question this has been. 

First of all I suppose I could say that I love people and truly desire to deliver

happiness and self-confidence for their well being, beautification and self-esteem.

This is like asking me why I became a hairstylist.  Devoting my given talent for the benefit of others.

Secondly, my mother was severely ill with Stomach Cancer that lead to her Pancreas and Liver.

 My sister and I stood beside our mother to the end and with all of her Chemo Treatments,

Radiation Treatments, side effects, and surgeries.

We experienced all of the fears, questions and apprehensions by her side.

That was some time ago and it is so magnificent that the Medical Profession has progressed

and advanced so much that people can now recover to the fullest.

Be it Cancer, Heart or another Medical Condition.

The day she called telling me her hair was falling out, then later to tell me it had all fallen out is

a time I will never forget. My mother always loved to go to the hairdresser every week and

 her hair was always styled pretty. Through her;

I deeply understand how those who suffer from hair loss undergo such tender feelings.   

When I told her I would buy her a wig she told me no, that she would not wear it.

 I could never match her color or her hairstyle and it would not be like having her own hair.

 Well then, I said to her, that I would buy her one anyway and being a hairstylist

I had the ability to know how buy one just like her hair. I told her she did not have

to wear it but that I wanted her to have it "just in case".  I asked her to just try it

 on when she received it. (I lived out of town and (back then) it took approximately 3 weeks delivery )

She wore it to the end and  I put it on her when we said loves and good-bye's.

Upon receiving her wig she telephoned me and the excitement in her voice

of having hair again consoled me as having done the right thing for her.

So, I later established a hair replacement business within my salon since

I had experienced very special cares and feelings from someone very close to me.

 I wanted to help others in the same way.

About two years before closing my salon

 I decided to branch out and provide my services, experiences

and products over a website. Now this was a challenge!! Hairstylists

of my generation were not taught computers.

I owe the beginning of this computer knowledge to my daughter who

INSISTED that our salon become computerized. She then taught me,

 against my will (smile) how to use a computer.

 Now it is comical, then it was NOT!

After the many hours of learning and being so persevering the computer

was messing up,,,,THAT IT WAS NOT ME!

 I taught myself word perfect, letter writing. Whew!

My daughter taught me a great deal concerning computers.

Later the salon hired a receptionist who knew how to do all of these neat designs and creations

by the way of salon brochures, inserting pictures and all that fun stuff.

When something catches my interest and curiosity I am the type that says "hey, I can do that".

Then I had to "convince" myself that I could.

Well I did accomplish some things and it was the coolest kind of pride.

I then began all of my own salon advertising creations for the news papers, colleges and such.

THEN I really did it and purchased my own computer.

It is the balm! After having to do total restores on my computer 4 times due to my own computer illiteracy,

and the fine support that Compaq (my first computer) gave I learned my computer inside and out.

Then came the in home business website goal.  Whew...Whew. Self taught.

A lot of reading, studying and fowl ups, redoing and deleting and hours and hours of work.

 But I did it and here we are now.


I was hopeful but sincerely never really thought that in this big world of websites that

my own would ever be looked at. Not to mention anyone purchasing anything from it.

Therefore, I feel so very blessed with all of the communications that have evolved around

my website and it's popularity in purchases.

I thank you and am so grateful for your trust and repeat orders.

Hoping that this answers your questions and inquisitive thoughts about me and this website.

And hey! I thank you for wondering and asking.


There are spiritual graphics and verses on this website because

I love Jesus and we are never to be ashamed of showing that love just as he is not ashamed of us.

The little "Cutie" Characters on the bottom of the web pages are there to make people smile.

 We all can use a bit cheer from time to time.

The music is meant to be relaxing.

If you are planning a visit to the salon for a wig or hairpiece

and are interested in a specific style and color please let me know and

I will be sure to have it in stock for you. Thank you.

Have a Blessed Day,

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Meet Some of My Family

Dedicated To My Loving Husband 

Dedicated to our Son

Dedicated to My Sister

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Inquiries Email  Our Princes Cat Himalayan Anna (deceased)

She had Personality Plus, weighs only about 6 lbs.

 Inquiries: Inquiries Email

Mailing Address Below

 Call Us * to place your order, or if you have questions before you order from this website or if you need help navigating or finding what you need, I will walk through the website with you.

Thank you for your consideration and respect on this matter.

Mailing Address

Alice Hampton

% Beautiful Naturally Wigs & Hair Pieces

349 Horseman Drive Lynchburg, Va. 24502 434 942-29499

(for website questions & to order purchases)

9AM - 7 PM EST 

If it is 9AM in California it is 12 Noon here is Virginia For local salon hair replacement services & appointments

(exclusively) and our private fitting area Salon Phone 434 385-0347

(for appointments, not to place an order)

(if no answer please leave a message, we will return your call)

Hours We Are Open  Our Location

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Recently Updated: 08/28/2016

Website published in the year of 2000

Licensed in the state of Virginia USA

Copy Writes: Color Swatch photos and all other photos, images, documents,

 wording, descriptions, backgrounds have copy writes AEAH


The Lady Behind The Website


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Image Maker Hair and Wig Salon



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Hair Coloring

You say ANYBODY can do hair color these days! “Wrong”

There are a number of advantages to profession salon hair color opposed to home hair. Besides that it noticeably looks better – and if you say the color you’ve gotten in a salon was nothing special then you have not experienced the specialty of an expert colorist. And sadly, many stylists know as little as you do about hair color formulation.
1. The color should suit your skin tone hairstyle and life style. All too often many people choose the wrong color resulting in a color that can make them appear sickly or older. Just as with the cut, the most important purpose of your hair is to enhance your face.
2. Hair color should look natural. Most home hair color comes out looking very artificial: the ends darker than the roots. This is completely backwards; even natural hair color fades so the roots should always be darker than the ends. Since that box of hair color recommends you comb the color through – something a good colorist would never do, the older porous ends grab the color more than the roots. Combing the color through especially with home tints results in the color being unflattering and flat and in one facet dimension. When your ends are faded enough to warrant refreshing, a completely different formula should be put on the ends than the roots.
3. Even Gray hair retains its natural color changes with age, becoming darker, flatter, Ashier (drab). A good colorist will do what is needed to subtly or not so subtly restore your hair to a more youthful healthy look. Look at children’s natural hair color – it is not all one flat color but many various levels. A good colorist can achieve this by adding highlights and low lights as needed.
4. Putting initial appearance aside, salon color when properly formulated is far gentler than that box which presumes that your hair is color resistant (few heads are). A more gentle formulation preserves the health of the hair and fades far less.

5. A stylist does not graduate from Cosmetology School knowing all there is to know about hair color. Being an advanced hair colorist takes years of experience and many advanced hair coloring seminars that are not free. The hair stylist then learns the ART OF HAIR COLORING.

6. Can’t afford the salon hair coloring maintenance? Discuss this with your hair stylist. An easy solution can be brought forward whereas you do not need to re-apply hair color as frequently as you may think.

7. Always have a consultation with your stylist. We give free consultations whereas we WANT YOU TO LOVE YOUR HAIR AS MUCH AS WE DO.

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Beautiful Hair Begins With Us


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The Lady Behind The Website

Hair styling, hair coloring, perming hair, hair cutting, experienced hair stylist, corrective hair color, wig fitting.

Independent from all others, privately owned. Assuring you the best quality available.

http://www.todaystylist.comLicensed Website and Business In the USA Sate of Virginia

Need Help? Phone Alice at  434 942-2949

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