Hairpieces, Extensions, Integrations, Wigs Definitions Hairpieces, Extensions, Integrations, Wigs Definitions

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Local Info: "Image Maker Hair Salon and Wig Studio". 1033 A Claymont Dr. & on the corner of Forest Rd. (Rt. 221), Lynchburg, Va. 24502. For our Private fitting room and Consultations Appointments are preferred. Salon Phone 434 385 0347 or 434 942 2949. See Salon Store Front

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Hairpieces, Extensions, Integrations, Wigs Content Definitions

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Established 1989

Independent from all others, privately owned. Assuring you the best quality available.

http://www.todaystylist.comLicensed Website and Business In the USA Sate of Virginia

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Hairpieces, Extensions, Integrations Definitions

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Hairpieces, Extensions, Integrations, Wigs Content Definitions 

Remy Human Hair 100% Natural Remy Human Hair

    Remy hair and Virgin Remy hair Yaki Hair: 

    Human hair used simultaneously and exclusively from a hair donor is Remy hair. It is also known as:cuticle hair, notRemy hair, but rather bleaching or acid-baths have been used to strip the cuticles.Remy hairgoes through an additional special processes comparable to those of processing cashmere, which in conclusion allows better reinforcement of the hair cuticles. This creates stronger, fuller-bodied, durable Remy hairpieces. It is also spelled: Remi hair.

    Remy Hair, or Remi Hair, is the highest quality of available hair types available from human donors. Minimal processing is the key difference inmaking Remi hairsoft, beautiful, silky, and tangle-free.Human Remy hairis at a premium, and often difficult to get a hold of because it is in actual fact the highest quality human hairthat you can buy in today's market.;Remy hairis most often used in high quality wigs,lace front wigs, hair pieces, andhair extensions. Human Remy haircomes in many types(e.g. European, Indian, Malaysian, Russian).

    Remy hair is hair that has been obtained from a single donor, and is the full length of the strands, from the root to the end. All the cuticle will run in the same direction. Remy hair differs from Virgin Remy hair mainly because it may be often permed or colored, but sustains the cuticle. There is no substitution for 100% authenticRemy hair.

    Virgin Remy hair is collected in the same manner as Remy Hair. This is the highest quality of hair extensions because they are collected from a single donor and except for regular washing and drying, no processing is done on the hair. When you buy Virgin Remy hair, you can be certain that the hair never underwent any chemical treatment whatsoever. Virgin human hair extensions last for the longest time, up to 24 + months depending on the maintenance and usage.

    All other extensions including Remy hair extensions, undergo permanent or semi-permanent coloring, perms or relaxes. Coloring is done because virgin human hair does not always come in the colors that sell the most. So virgin hair is dyed to a more popular selling color and as a result it will be sold as just Remy hair. Natural hair also gets treated to undergo perms and relaxes, so that naturally wavy hair can be permanently changed to straight hair and vice versa. So virgin hair is converted into textures that sell more popularly. You must understand that even though Remy hair does not undergo the process of cuticle removal (acid bath), it still has been chemically processed for coloring, adding waves, curls or for straightening.

    Since Virgin Remy human hair is not artificially colored, the choice of colors is limited and more commonly available in darker colors like Jet Black, Off-Black and Dark Brown. If you decide to change your hair color, Virgin Remy hair extensions can be colored and are more likely to withstand the dyes since they are 100% natural hair. You must know that dyeing/coloring can damage the hair extensions.

    Indian Virgin Remy hair is one of the most popular types.

    While Remy hair refers to a specific harvesting process, Yaki hair refers to the texture resembling relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair. Remy hair is cut from a single donor, cuticles intact, and all same direction from root to tip. Yaki hair, in contrast, may be Remy, non-Remy, or synthetic

    To maintain our Natural Human Hair quality at it's best,

    Prices on All Human Hair Products from India have been increased

    by distributors and manufactures due to increased demand

    and a reduced amount in human hair from India availability.

    $1500 - $2500 for these same wigs.

     We start our prices between $200-$400 depending on the availability,

    because we are able to make them more affordable

    for people who are unable to pay those prices.

    http://www.todaystylist.comIndian Human Hair

    Premium supreme quality human hair from India

    http://www.todaystylist.comLace Front Wigs

    A Lace front wig is a wig that looks like the hair is growing out of your head. A full lace wig is one that can be parted anywhere on the head and the hair looks like it's growing out of your scalp. A lace wig is a mesh base cap wig , the mesh will have the same skin tone as your skin and when applied against your skin it will disappear. It is undetectable and the only true system where you can have an exposed hair line. A full lace wig cannot be parted anywhere unless is freestyle. There are other materials such as monofilament poly that also looks as if the hair is growing out of your head.  


    http://www.todaystylist.comHair Enhancement Integration Wigs

    Full coverage wigs designed with diamond shaped wefts for integrating your hair through the wefts. A thinner, lighter weight wig in 30% Human Hair Blends (Not Human Hair ). Excellent for those who do not want or need a complete wig but still need the coverage. Applicable for Hair Loss, Hair Thinning, Alopecia, Trichotillomania.


    Bulk Hair Wefts

    hair on wefts designed to be used for hair weaving such as gluing,

    sewing or other methods for

    TEMPORARY hair replacement and additions.

    Must be maintained by a professional

    in 6 -8 week intervals, may cause hair breakage especially if hair is very thin and

    fine and is very expensive to have put on and to maintain. 

    Bulk wefts of hair can also be used to make human

    hair extensions and additions fuller.


    100% Human Hair

    You can curl with hot irons, color, bleach and perm.

    100% Human Hair consists of three main types of human hair

     used in hair replacements,

    wigs and hair pieces: European, Indian and Asian.

    There are many differences in each category,

    The texture of our human hair from India is the resemblance of the soft texture and shape of European hair, as opposed to human hair from China that is coarse. (whereas excluding the European Human Hair expense).

    Essentially, the biggest difference between European,

    Indian and Asian human hair is the thickness and texture.

    It’s important to note that what is not meant is the density content,

    but rather the detailed moderation of the bands of individual hair strands.

    Of the three types, European is the thinnest and closest in width

    to natural growing Caucasian hair.

    Asian is the thickest overall and tends to be course in texture.

    Lastly there’s Indian hair,

    by far the most popular type found in hair systems today.

    Indian hair is thicker than European but much finer than Asian.

     When the cuticle layer is stripped away, it becomes very close to the

     width of European hair and sometimes is sold as “European Quality”.


    Any hair system that uses knot or looping ventilation will end up with cuticles

     (the outside layer of the hair shaft) that face in opposing directions.

    This tends to cause tangling when the hair gets wet because they

    will frizz out and get snagged on one another.

    To help prevent this, in the best quality of human hair;

    all the cuticles are carefully stripped

    away before the hair is attached to the base.

    This is why Indian hair is ideal for hair replacement.

    After the cuticle is stripped away it ends

    up being a similar thickness and weight as European.

    European hair on the other hand, once the cuticles are removed

    will loose most of its strength and elasticity.

    In fact, the only time you should in actuality find European hair in

    a custom hair replacement is with a true Remy base.

    When injection ventilation is used and all the hair cuticles

     will face in the same direction



    consists of fiber blends that are made of a plastic fiber.

    Cannot curl, color, bleach or perm.


    Human Hair Blends Human Hair Blends Description

    Human Hair Blends for longer lasting natural looking style

    but with the same ease in care as synthetic fibers.

    No need to curl!

    Human Hair Blends = 30%  unless otherwise stated, NATURAL Human Hair blended with

    Kanekalon Synthetic Fibers; unless otherwise stated.



    Human Hair Blends is a new feature with wigs and

    hairpieces that consists of a mixture

    of human hair and synthetic hair fibers that are

    evenly distributed throughout the hair replacement.

    You cannot tell which hairs are human or synthetic.

    This is a lovely new feature that enables affordable human hair prices and

    the hair replacements to look and feel like a 100% human hair

    product. They last longer than synthetic and maintain

    soft styling features for the duration of the product.

    You can curl this type of

    hair replacement with rollers or a curling iron with a Low

    WARM temperature setting. You CANNOT use a flat iron, perm or color.

    Human Hair consistency amount is stated on each product page.

    They cannot be permanently colored or permed.

    You can use a temporary water base color only.

    Most of Human Hair Blends products on THIS WEBSITE

     (I do not support this for other websites)

    consists of human hair from India

    and this will be mentioned on the product page that it applies to.


    Hair Extensions Integrations

     Pull Your own Hair through pieces.



    An mature term for hairpieces, generally smaller in size,

    top and or crown coverage depending on base size.


    Demi Wigs

    3/4 coverage for hair loss in top, crown and back of head to achieve fuller, longer hair.  

    All most a wig without covering the hair line. Hair line needs

    to be blended over top of the 3/4 fall.


    3/4 coverage for crown and back of head to achieve fuller, longer hair.

    All most a wig without covering the hair line.

    Hair line needs to be blended over top of the 3/4 fall.

    Hair Weaving

     where the bulk hair is sewn or glued on to the hair.

    Must be done by a professional.


    Monofilament top

    hairpieces and wigs clear invisible base when parted it appears as your scalp.


    same as monofilament top a term used by different manufactures.

    Silk Top

    same as monofilament top and polyurethane term used by different manufacturers.




    Our Silk Monofilament allows the scalp to breath while wearing

    and can be worn parted anywhere or without a part

    including with or without bangs.

     A special feature with our customized caps.

    Hair Fillers

    light weight hair integration or not hair integration hairpieces.

    Clip On / In Hair Extensions

    not integrations using attachments in banana combs, wing combs,

    barrettes and butterfly clips.


    Finger snap clip in combs,

     a secure attachment on the hair integration that is used to

    clip the hair integration onto or into the hair. 


    Hand Crocheted

    thin invisible thread used where the monofilament section or where the wefts are

    to secured the section in place. Each piece is done by hand.


    Hand Tied

    individual hairs are hand tied into the monofilament tops or mesh backs.


    Mesh Back

    the back of a hair piece or wig is a soft fabric not wefts where

    as the hair is hand tied into place.


    Hand Made

    a particular section of a hair replacement or entire hair replacement where

    it is hand made, hand tied one at a time.


    Custom Made

    Special orders for hairpieces, falls, wigs and extension that are not typically

    available in a specific needed color,

    cap size or human hair. 6-8 weeks processing time.

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    Purchase Toupee and Wig Double Faced Tape 

    Accessories that may be needed

    Comfy Grip Band For Sensitive Scalps

    Metal Adjustable Telescopic Wig Clamp

    Plastic Wig Clamp 

    Santa Wigs Santa Clause Wigs

    Styro Foam Wig Heads Short or Long Necks

    Toupee Clips, Finger Snap Clip Combs  BULK ORDERS

    Interlocking Wing Comb Replacement

    Banana Comb Replacement



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