Hair Loss..Why Does It Happen_The Causes Hair Loss..Why Does It Happen_The Causes

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Hair Loss..Why Does It Happen_

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Hair Loss..Why Does It Happen_

The term "hair loss" can refer to many different

conditions, from mild hair thinning to total baldness.

These can occur for various reasons. Medically,

hair loss classifications fall into several categories.

Hair loss may occur due to hereditary, age, stress,

nervousness, medications, an occurrence that has has

caused shock to the body, fungus in the scalp

(determined only by a scalp sample with a Dermatologist), 


With cancer treatments hair always will grow back.

In other conditions hair may partially

return or never grow back.


Unfortunately there is not a drug that

 will make your hair grow back

the way that it once was.

If you try the hair growth drugs there

is no guarantee they will work and

if they do once you stop using the

hair growth drugs your hair loss will return.

They are not permanent quick fixes.

Other causes for hair loss can be:

Child Birth, Birth Control Medications,

Breast Feeding, Extreme Stress, Thyroid Conditions,

Blood Pressure Medications,

Lupus and just so many other reasons.

 Foremost, when there is concern

regarding hair loss the most

important favor you can do

for yourself is consult

your medical Doctor. A complete Physical

Examination can tell Doctors exactly

what is going on inside of your body. 


Click the following below links to view

individual details or scroll down the page.


What Are The Symptoms Of Hair Loss?

Some Suggestions about Hair Loss


Skin Changes

Radiation and Alopecia


This is a typical picture of hereditary

consisting of male or female

pattern baldness or age or extreme stress,

 child birth, menopause,

having tubes tied. In this area of hair loss

 I have not seen hair

growth return except for a few hairs.

This hair loss happens gradually.

Extreme stress hair loss occurs much faster.

 Just one of Many Solutions

3/4 coverage hairpiece designed for covering considerable hair loss.


The Product....Cheyenne < click to view

Clicking the following below link will take you to our hair

loss solutions or scroll down the page.

Hairpieces Index we offer a large variety of solutions.



What Are The Symptoms Of Hair Loss? <<click to go up


Under normal circumstances characteristically

we lose approximately 50 to 100 scalp hairs each day.

In cases of unusual hair loss, this number increases

so that you may find unusually large amounts of

hair accumulating in hair brushes, on clothing,

and in the drains of sinks and tubs.

At the same time, you may notice that

your hair is generally thinner, that your part

is wider, that your hairline has a

different margin, or that one or more

 bald patches have appeared.


When hair loss is to the result of drug side effects,

the hair loss often is generalized (all over the head),

while in tinea infections and alopecia

areata, the hair loss occurs

in small patches. Also, tinea infections

can cause additional symptoms,

such as scaling of the scalp,

or areas of broken hairs

that look like black dots. In traumatic

alopecia, the area of hair loss

depends on the method of hair injury

and follows the pattern

inflicted by hot rollers, braiding or

 chemical treatments.

In male-pattern baldness, the hairline

 usually begins to recede

at the temples or crown first,

followed by thinning

at the top of the head. Gradually,

the crown area becomes totally bald,

leaving a fringe of hair around the back

and sides of the head.



Suggestions<<click to go up



Your doctor will diagnose your

specific type of hair

loss based on your medical and

drug history, your diet and

nutrition, your hairdressing

 habits, and the results

of your physical examination.

If your doctor suspects a

fungal infection of your scalp, he or

she may take a hair sample

for laboratory testing. Blood tests

probably will be needed if

your doctor suspects a medical illness, such as lupus

erythematosus, or a thyroid problem,

 iron deficiency or sex-hormone imbalance.


Expected Duration

The expected duration of hair loss

 depends on the cause.

For example, hair loss in telogen

effluvium usually occurs

as a single episode, with a gradual

halting of excess hair loss

over one to several months and regrowth

over many subsequent months.

 When hair loss is a side effect of a

 medication, hair thickness usually

returns to normal once the drug is

stopped. Hair loss due to abusive

hairdressing techniques usually

 resolves when changing to more natural

styling, except in traction alopecia,

 which results from years of

 pulling the hair back in tight braids.

In tinea scalp infection,

the fungus that causes the

problem must be treated for

at least six to 12 weeks.

Early treatment is important in preventing

 possible permanent hair loss.

Male- and female-pattern

alopecia tends to be progressive

over time but can be treated

in those who find it to be a problem.



Some forms of hair loss can be

prevented by minimizing stress,

practicing good nutrition and sensible

hairdressing techniques, and,

if possible, switching to medications that

do not cause hair loss. Hair loss

from fungal infections can be prevented by

 keeping hair clean and by never

sharing hats, combs or brushes with

other people. Hair loss from

hereditary-pattern baldness often can

be prevented by medication.


Call your doctor whenever you are

concerned about hair loss,

 especially if you are having

other unexplained symptoms.


Radiation:   <<click to go up


The side effects of radiation treatment vary

from patient to patient.

You may have no side effects

or only a few mild ones through

your course of treatment.

 Some people do experience serious

 side effects, however.

The side effects that you have

depend mostly on the radiation

dose and the part of your body that is treated.

 Your general health

also can affect how your body reacts

to radiation therapy and whether

you have side effects. Before

 beginning your treatment,

your doctor and nurse will discuss the side effects

you might experience, how long they might last,

and how serious they might be.


Side effects may be acute or chronic.

Acute side effects are sometimes

referred to as "early side effects."

They occur soon after the treatment

begins and usually are gone within

a few weeks of finishing therapy.

 Chronic side effects, sometimes

 called "late side effects," may take months or

years to develop and usually are permanent.


The most common early side effects

 of radiation therapy

are fatigue and skin changes. They can result from radiation

to any treatment site.

Other side effects are related to

treatment of specific areas. For example,

temporary or permanent

hair loss may be a side effect of

radiation treatment to the head.

Appetite can be altered if treatment

affects the mouth, stomach,

or intestine. This chapter discusses

 common side effects first.

Then the side effects that involve specific

areas of the body are described.


Fortunately, most side effects will go away in time.

In the meantime, there are ways to reduce discomfort.

If you have a side effect that is especially severe,

the doctor may prescribe a break in your

treatments or change your treatment in some way.


Be sure to tell your doctor, nurse,

or radiation therapist

about any side effects that you notice.

 They can help you treat the problems

and tell you how to lessen

the chances that the side effects will come back.

The information in this booklet can

serve as a guide to handling

some side effects, but it cannot take the place of

talking with the members of your health care team.


Skin<<click to go up


You may notice that your skin in the

treatment area

 is red or irritated. It may look as if it is

sunburned, or tanned.

After a few weeks your skin may be

very dry from the therapy.

 Ask your doctor or nurse for advice on

how to relieve itching or discomfort.


With some kinds of radiation therapy,

treated skin may

develop a "moist reaction," especially in areas

where there are skin folds.

When this happens, the skin is wet and

it may become very sore.

It's important to notify your doctor or nurse if your skin develops a

moist reaction. They can give you suggestions on

how to care for these areas and

 prevent them from becoming infected. 


During radiation therapy you will need to be very

gentle with the skin in the treatment area.

The following suggestions may be helpful:


Avoid irritating treated skin.

When you wash, use only lukewarm

water and mild soap; pat dry.

Do not wear tight clothing over the area.

Do not rub, scrub, or scratch the

skin in the treatment area.

Avoid putting anything that is hot or cold,

such as heating pads or ice packs, on your treated skin.

Ask your doctor or nurse to recommend skin care products

that will not cause skin irritation. Do not use any powders,

creams, perfumes, deodorants, body oils, ointments, lotions,

or home remedies in the treatment area while you're being

treated and for several weeks afterward unless

approved by your doctor or nurse.

Do not apply any skin lotions within

2 hours of a treatment.

Avoid exposing the radiated area to

the sun during treatment.

If you expect to be in the sun

for more than a few

minutes you will need to be very careful.

Wear protective clothing

(such as a hat with a broad brim and a

shirt with long sleeves)

and use a sunscreen.

Ask your doctor or nurse about using sunblocking lotions.

After your treatment is over, ask your

doctor or nurse how long you should continue

to take extra precautions in the sun.


The majority of skin reactions to radiation therapy

go away a few weeks after treatment is completed.

 In some cases, though, the treated

skin will remain slightly darker

than it was before and it may continue to

be more sensitive to sun exposure.


Radiation therapy can cause hair loss,

also known as alopecia,

but only in the area being treated. For example,

if you are receiving treatment to your hip,

you will not lose the

hair from your head. Radiation

of your head may cause you to

lose some or all of the hair on your

scalp. Many patients find

that their hair grows back again after the

treatments are finished. T

he amount of hair that grows back will

depend on how much and what

kind of radiation you receive.

You may notice that your hair has a slightly

different texture or color when it grows back.

Other types of cancer treatment,

such as chemotherapy, also can affect

 how your hair grows back.


Although your scalp may be tender

after the hair is lost,

it's a good idea to cover your head with

 a hat, turban, or scarf.

You should wear a protective cap or scarf

when you're in the

sun or outdoors in cold weather.

If you prefer a wig or toupee,

be sure the lining does not irritate your scalp.

The cost of a

hairpiece that you need because of cancer

treatment is a tax-deductible expense

and may be covered in part by your health insurance.

If you plan to buy a wig, it's a good

idea to select it early in

your treatment if you want to match the color

and style to your own hair.


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Hair Loss..Why Does It Happen_The Causes

The term "hair loss" can refer to many different conditions,