Hair Styles, Hair Texture and Hair Forms Hair Styles, Hair Texture and Hair Forms

Hair Styles, Hair Texture and Hair Forms Updated: 01/24/2016

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Hair Styles, Hair Texture and Hair Forms

Face Shapes    hair texture   Hair Volume   Hair Forms

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Hair Styles, Hair Texture and Hair Forms

The single biggest factor that limits your hairstyle choices.

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 Straight   Wavy    Curly




Click on center of photos to enlarge

Straight hair ranges from fine blond hair to

thick, then to coarse hair.

Texturize with perms, hair setting,

and hair products proves beneficial .


Thin straight hair benefits from being colored,

which adds some texture

and fullness to each strand. Very coarse or thick

straight hair may be difficult

 to perm, and possibly requiring extra

time and additional

perm rods for the proper final look.

Although thick, course, straight hair when hair color is

used perming may be faster to process.


Noting that every one's hair is different

and processes differently.

 Hair stylists are trained in knowing exactly how to care

for client's hair when coloring or perming.

It is always superlative to trust a stylist

 and prominently better to have a

regular stylist you visit on a recurring

schedule where as that stylist retains

experience with your own hair. 


Simple, geometric cuts, like bobs,

are a natural for straight

hair of any texture.

Shown below; this hair cut style cut can be

styled in many creative designs.


Maintaining the styles of today all new coloring

techniques with more color is in.



  Wavy hair << click to go up


Click on center of photos to enlarge

Your hair is often thought of as the most favorable.

Having lots of natural movement that can be

maximized with hairstyling products,

 and can also be blown dry, into a straight

look or scrunched for a curly effect.

Waves make the lightly layered styles a

 natural choice. Adding highlights,

via color or shine-enhancing products, can maximize

the appearance of wavy hair's gentle undulation.

This type of hair can also be combed into

the new slicked back styles.




    Curly hair << click to go up Cap Size: Average, Synthetic Length: Bang 3 3/4", Crown 10 3/4", Side 7", Nape 6 3/8" Length: Bangs 4 1/2", Crown 5", Sides 11", Nape 14 1/2".    Original Photo! DO NOT COPY!  PROPERTY OF BEAUTIFUL NATURALLY WIGS HAIRPIECES                                                                                                        Integration wig length 5 inches 30% human hair. Sabrina.


Click on center of photos to enlarge

Your hair has great natural body, but may look frizzy,

dull or unruly and likely tangles.

To maximize your hair's potential, choose

a layered look (long or short)

 that cuts shape into curly hair. Hair shiners,

 pomades, surface conditioners,

and soft fixatives can boost hair's

shine and calm down too much curl.

Deep, heat-activated conditioners are also

important for curly hair,

which sometimes has a inclination towards breakage.

The use of today's Ceramic Flat Irons are a great hair tool

for straightening curly hair.

Be sure to use a good hair protecting

product when using

Ceramic Flat Irons due to the extreme heat that is radiated. 

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Face Shapes and Hair Styles

Hair Styles and Hair Texture

Hair Styles and Hair Volume

Hair Styles, Hair Texture and Hair Forms I Love Jesus  Our Little Fairy's name is "Awaken"

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Hair Styles, Hair Texture and Hair Forms 

The single biggest factor that limits your hairstyle choices.

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