Beautiful Naturally Wigs Hairpieces Mail Order Form Beautiful Naturally Wigs Hairpieces Mail Order Form

Beautiful Naturally Wigs Hairpieces Mail Order Form

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Shipping Address

Name: *__________________________________
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Qty. Item  Number Description / Item Name and Color

Unit Price


     Cell Phone Number*__________________    
Payment Details and Shipping Method

(   )  VERIFIED CHECK WITH ID  Home, work Ph. #'s & driver's license #.    Payable to: Alice Hampton % Beautiful Naturally     
(   )  Money Orders
(   )  Credit Card See BELOW

Thank you so much for your order, Alice

Special Instructions You Require:


All orders shipped via United States Postal Service
Choose delivery method: (   ) Standard   (   ) Priority   (   ) Express


Add 5.3% tax
for orders placed
within Va. state

Shipping (free when sending a check or money order)




* $14.50



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Mailing Address

Alice Hampton

% Beautiful Naturally Wigs & Hair Pieces

349 Horseman Drive Lynchburg, Va. 24502 434 942-2949

9AM - 7 PM EST

If it is 9AM in California it is 12 Noon here is Virginia