Hair Stylists Alice Hamptom, Nicki Mohler Lynchburg, Va. Hair Stylists Alice Hamptom, Nicki Mohler Lynchburg, Va Hair Stylists Alice Hamptom, Nicki Mohler Lynchburg, Va Hair Stylists Alice Hamptom, Nicki Mohler Lynchburg, Va Hair Stylists Alice Hamptom, Nicki Mohler Lynchburg, Va

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Salon Website is: Beautiful Naturally Wigs Hair Pieces

USA Website published yr. 2000 Salon established 1989

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Hair Stylists Alice Hampton and Nicki Mohler & Wig Sales

Lynchburg, Va. 24502   Scroll http://www.todaystylist.comDown

Local Info: "Image Maker Hair Salon and Wig Studio". Location: 1033 A Claymont Dr. & on the corner of Forest Rd. (Rt. 221), Lynchburg, Va. 24502. For our Private wig fitting room and Consultations Appointments are preferred for hair replacements and hair styling. Salon Phone 434 385 0347, 

Open Saturday by APPOINTMENT - CLOSED Sunday

Mobile: Alice Hampton 434 942-2949, Nicki Mohler 434 660 2259. 

See Salon Store Front Appointments  Hours  Location

Website questions & purchases Ph. Alice @ 434 942 2949 9AM-7PM EST.

Accredited Advanced Education: Hair Colorists, Hair Designers, Skilled Chemical Services,

Certified and Experienced Wigs and Hair Piece Consulting

Offering Hair Replacements Servicing, Sales, Styling, Cutting.

Redken Hair Coloring, Hair color FREE of Ammonia & Hydrogen Peroxide,

Non Damaging Hair High and Low Lighting,

Iso Perms that promote and maintains soft manageable Healthy Hair.

Glossifing Treatments giving hair the shine you always wanted.

Day and Evening Hours Available by Appointment.

Our retail products include Redken, Pureology and wig-hairpiece-toupee cleansing and styling products including tape, glue and wig refreshing spray.

Turbans are in addition available.

We specialize in advanced and corrective hair coloring services using Redken.

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Alice Hampton & Nicki Mohler Mother & Daughter

Licensed and Experienced Hair Stylists

and Certified Wig Consultants & Hair Replacements Merchants.


Thank you for looking at Beautiful Naturally Wigs & Hair Pieces Website. I sincerely appreciate your viewing. Have an awesome day. Alice Alice  Nicki

Where you are more than just an appointment!

Ready for a new hair style? Need a hair color change? Personalized Perming.

We have gone "Natural and Green" with offering Non Ammonia Hair Color and Bleach.

Facial Waxing.

  Please Scroll Down for details and prices.

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Full Range of Hair Styling, Hair Cut Designing, REDKEN Hair Color

ISO Perms and Specialty Services.

 Wigs and Hairpieces and Toupee fitting and sales.

Alice Hampton Hair Designer Lynchburg, Va.

Offering expert ingenuities with fine and or naturally curly hair. Cancer patients,

 Hair Loss and Trichotillomania. Women, Men, Children, Seniors Welcome

"Image Maker Hair Salon and Wig Studio").

The salon sign. Click photo to enlarge.

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The salon. Click photo to enlarge.

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You may call regarding a salon hair or wig-hair piece- toupee fitting appointment that "can" be available Monday through Friday between 11 AM and 6 PM EST. Occasionally we are not at the salon during these hours unless there is an appointment. Call our Mobile phone numbers shown below.

Alice's Cell 434 942 2949 or Nicki's Cell 434 660 2259

You may also call the Salon 434 385 0347 and if we are not in the salon please leave a message, we will return your call as soon as possible. 

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Our time in the salon varies accordingly to the day's scheduled appointments. We have a nice big yellow "WIGS" road sign flag and a flashing open sign in the window. These will let you know that we are open and in the salon whereas you are more than welcome to walk in and browse.

Available are over 100 wigs and hair pieces to choose from and if your color is in stock you may take your purchase home on that very day. No waiting! That's a sweet deal! Otherwise: we can have your matching color in the salon to pick up within 24 hours.

Our retail products include Redken, Pureology and wig-hairpiece-toupee cleansing and styling products including tape, glue and wig refreshing spray. Turbans are also available.

We specialize in hair coloring services using

Redken and Scruples.

Iso Perms for natural curls.

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Following are a few of Alice's loyal clients who have been coming to have their hair services for over 30 years.

This is such an honor!

Salon Client Carolyn. Click on photo to enlarge.

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Carolyn’s Hair Style

Is a Classic French Twist designed and styled without teasing. Natural color is white/gray with soft weaving touches of 2 color foils in a light Carmel and Beige Blonde. Carolyn is a weekly shampoo and set client, her foiling not only enhances the style but also gives enough body for her set to last for an entire week. Carolyn maintains her style with a waved body perm every 5 months and color with increments of 4 to 5 months.

Salon Client Lois. Click on photos to enlarge.

Before Do not copy. Property copyrights After   Do not copy. Property copyrights  After

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Lois, Before and After:

Lois has a natural wave hair texture and natural color is salt and pepper with “95% salt” throughout the entire top and sides of her head and “90% pepper” in the back. A beautiful mix blends of natural browns were the colors chosen and does a fantastic job of covering, while creating an all over one tone for her hair. An advanced colorist is knowledgeable to know the exact blends of color to use to achieve the total hair color coverage.

 When styling Lois’s hair her bangs were purposely left in their natural curl texture to show how easy it is to simply finger dry her style into place without having to fight the wave and is quite easy for her to do at home until it is time for her next salon visit. Her style was cut accordingly to her face shape while enhancing her lovely smile. This hairstyle can be restyled into many different various styles. “You look great Lois”. Lois and I have been consulting about a body wave in the future in order to even out her curl texture resulting in additional density to her crown when styling and prevent her “salt and pepper” re-growth from showing so quickly. Check back at a later date… might see an “all new Lois hairstyle”.

Salon Client Maureen. Click on photos to enlarge.

Before Do not copy. Property copyrights  After Do not copy. Property copyrights  After

Maureen, Before and After: Classic Layered Short Layered Bob.

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Maureen maintains her hair with a Body Perm and 2 Color Foiling. Keeping in mind Maureen’s face shape and that she likes her hair short for the summer; her up lifting hairstyle is at its highest point being at the temples. The soft bang falls gently to the side on her forehead with a little lift over the left to enhance her pretty eyes. Her Body Wave and Hair Color gives the necessary body and lift to her hair so that her style does not lie flat or go flat throughout the day as well as being easy for her to re-style herself. Maureen’s natural hair color is a level 6.5, medium brown. A Non Ammonia gentle lifting bleach and color in a Pale Beige and Medium Ash Blonde provides her hair with maximum condition allowing her hair to tolerate a body perm without drying, breaking or frizzing. The shade of color for her hair was chosen to blend out her rosy skin tone texture. “You look great Maureen”.

"Darlene" Click photos to enlarge.


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Darlene has course, straight salt, and pepper hair. Her color is an auburn with highlights of light auburn. Darlene also supports a body perm with a stacked layered Wedge hair cut. Her hair is healthy and not dry with no frizz. Our salon's great products give Darlene the ability to have all three chemical services so she can maintain her hair at home in between salon visits. Thank you Darlene.  

"Betsy" Click photo to enlarge.


Betsy, our salon's oldest senior citizen is looking good with the shortest hair cut I have ever given her. :) did she like it? NO! But she remained as faithful as any client has. We love Betsy. Gray hair with a medium curly perm. Betsy's hair length is usually long enough to curl to the nape. Thank you Betsy.

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There's no limit to what can be done with Shades EQ! As the #1 long-lasting, no-lift, non-ammonia, demi-permanent hair color in the U.S., Shades EQ is one of the most versatile hair color brands. It provides healthy, shiny results, incredible conditioning with an amazing number of mixing possibilities.

Permanent hair color uses dye molecules that interact with your hair's natural pigment to create a final hair color. Permanent color won't rinse or wash out. Because permanent hair color formulations actually enter the hair shaft, it is important to use a conditioning color system such as Redken Color Fusion Advanced Performance Color Creme or Color Gels Permanent Conditioning Hair Color.

Learn about our Newest Hair Color with optimal results,

Ammonia Free and No Odor Click here> New Redken Hair Color "Chromatics"

Non Ammonia Gentle Lifting Bleach.

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Iso Perms

Are the best conditioning perms in the hair industry. Consisting of Formulas available that are extremely well-suited for all hair textures additionally when given with other SALON chemical services. No perm will be given on top of a hair color service given by a friend or family member. ISO Option 1 for normal and previously permed hair: For great stand out style, this thio-free Wave Option is ideal for building definition through separation and loose, free-moving texture. Ideal for normal and previously permed hair. Gives lift and promotes movement through soft, loose texture. ISO Option 2 for every type color-treated hair: Exclusively formulated for tinted or color-treated hair. Option 2 brings gentle, yet effective wave action to hair. Thio-free and formulated with naturally derived isoamine? to nourish and leave hair cuticle supple and smooth. Optimum curl results, healthy hair and color. Iso Option 3 Formulated for hard to curl hair and fine hair. Beautiful results without the frizz. Iso Exo Perm for the tight curls that you just do not seem to get any more.


We look forward to meeting you in the salon.




If you would like to visit the rest of my website regarding hair loss products, wigs, hair pieces and turbans see the links to the left side of the page below,

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Precision Cuts

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Prices subject to change without notice

Ladies and Teens Shampoo, Precision Hair Cut

with or without Blow Dry, Curl, Style


Elementary School 5th grade and below $27.00

Bang trim $12.00

Men Hair Cuts

 $19.00 Boys $16.00

Ladies Shampoo and Set with rollers

or curling iron with or without teasing


Formal Hair Styling

$45.00 - $75.00 (Proms, weddings etc.)



includes all hair types and textures

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Conventional Wrap $65.00

Specialty Wrap $70-$80.00

Long Hair Spiral Perm

$98.00 collar length - $165.00 - $185.00 past color length

$200.00 Bra Line Length N. A. for longer hair.

Children's Perms under the age of 13 years old not applicable.

Women's hair cuts are discounted to $15.00 with all chemical services and is an additional cost investment meaning hair cuts are not automatically included with chemical services.


Hair Coloring Permanent

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Color with Partial Foils $85.00

Two processing times: Do consultation first.

Color with Full Foils $100.00 + Long Hair Extra

Foil Highlights Full $85.00 (long hair additional)

Foil Highlights Partial (Bang area) $45.00

Cap Highlights $65.00 +

Goldwell Non Ammonia or Formaldehyde Gentle High Lift or Subtle Lift Bleach.

Shades E Q Temp. Hair Color $55.00

Non Ammonia or Formaldehyde.

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Shades E Q Conditioning Hair Clear Glossifier Shiny Hair Treatment $30.00 (lasts 6 weeks)

Redken Deep Intensive Conditioning Treatment Hair Mask $29.00



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Eyebrows $15.00

Lip $15.00

Chin $15.00 and up

Chin and Neck $20.00 and up

Under Arms $35.00 - $45.00

Toes $12.00

Fingers $15.00

http://www.todaystylist.comWigs and Hairpieces to the left click words "wigs hairpieces" to return where you were.

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Hair Replacements Available in Human Hair, Human Hair Blends and Synthetic,

Custom Orders Available 100% HUMAN HAIR PIECE OR HAIR INTEGRATION FALL ALSO AVAILABLE IN HUMAN HAIR BLENDS. Hair length: 16" Base coverage: 6" across, 4" front to back. DO NOT COPY!  PROPERTY OF BEAUTIFUL NATURALLY WIGS HAIRPIECES                                                                                                         Wiglet / Hairpiece 100% Human Hair, 100% Hand Tied  Small Base 3 & 1/2" x 5" with Hair Length 6"  

APPOINTMENTS appreciated but not mandatory,

 Stocked PRODUCTS ON DISPLAY and ready to take home.

With your appointment time is given to your needs "ONLY" and is not shared with another.

Scroll down or go to Top Of Page

http://www.todaystylist.comConsultations can last from 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours and includes trying on wigs and hairpieces, color matching, product education, application, fitting, styling training.

If you are planning a visit to the salon for a wig or hairpiece and are interested in a specific style and color please let me know and I will be sure to have it in stock for you. Kindly allow a 3 working weekdays days to have a specific style for you. Thank you.

 Call 434 942 2949 Cell / 434 660 2259 or Salon 434 385 0347.

Wigs $75.00 and Up

Hairpieces / Wiglets $30.00 and Up

Men's Hairpieces/Toupees $250.00 and Up

Men's Wigs $250.00 and Up

Wig and hairpiece cutting prices are according to what all is involved and starts at

 $30.00 and up.

Also available are Hair Extension on Banana Combs, Wing Combs, Butterfly Clips and Barretted Clip on Hairpieces.

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Salon Owners call 434 385 0347 for an appointment with

Nicki (434 660-2259) or Alice (434 942-2949)

Nicki Mohler Thank you for looking at Beautiful Naturally Wigs & Hair Pieces Website. I sincerely appreciate your viewing. Have an awesome day. Alice Alice Hampton

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Beautiful Hair Begins With Us


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"Image Maker Hair Salon & Wig Studio"

Website Name: Beautiful Naturally Wigs, Hairpieces

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Established 1989 URL:

Alice Hampton & Nicki Mohler Hair Stylists, Hair Dressers and Wig Sales Lynchburg, Va. 24502

Where you are more than just an appointment! Ready for a new hair style? Need a hair color change? Personalized Perming.

Experienced hair stylist with highly personalized technical skills.

http://www.todaystylist.comLicensed Website and Business In the USA Sate of Virginia

Need Help? Phone Alice at 434 942-2949

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