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"Love Your Look" with our Unique Excellence in Quality & Expertise

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Image Maker Hair Designers and Wig Salon. (store front)

Beautiful Naturally Website: Wigs, Toppers, Hair Pieces, Toupees http://www.todaystylist.com USA

Website published yr. 2000 Salon long established 1989

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Local Info: Store Front "Image Maker Hair Salon and Wig Studio". 1033A Claymont Dr. & on the corner of Forest Rd. (Rt. 221), Lynchburg, Va. 24502. For our Private fitting room and Consultations.

Salon Wig Fitting and Consultations Appointments are preferred.

Salon Phone 434 385 0347

See Salon Store Front   Appointments  Hours   Location

Website questions & purchases Ph. Alice @ 434 942 2949 9AM-7PM EST.

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Beautiful Hair Begins With Us

Salon Owners: Nicki Mohler and Alice Hampton Family Operated

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Image Maker Hair and Wig Salon.  Do not copy. Property copyrights http://www.todaystylist.com   Image Maker Hair and Wig Salon.  Do not copy. Property copyrights http://www.todaystylist.com  


Beautiful Hair Begins With Our Exquisite Creations SUPERIOR QUALITY HAIR REPLACEMENTS EASY WEBSITE PURCHASES: Call Alice @ 434 942 2949.

Charge Card Payments Are Welcome and Gladly Accepted. We do not have a Shopping Cart

JUST FOR THE RECORD! For those who are interested or question why I did not have a professional web designer put my website together the answer is very simple! This website represents what I am about!

 First (1), God is on  portions of my website in the form of pictures or words. A  web designer would most likely recommend that I do not put God on the website. Second (2), I have made my website friendly and  personable to people and I do not come across SOLELY as BUY, BUY, BUY. When purchases are made and sincerely I thank Our Lord for each and every one.  I know this is not an easy website to follow. It's big and says a lot. Third (3), I wanted to explain each product in complete detail  and this allows my web clients to know exactly what they are purchasing before hand.

Actual pictures of the products of the product and not of pre-cut or pre-styled for a model with full details and descriptions. I have worked diligently to keep this website up and running and updated, I do not mention the companies I deal with and who makes the products so that other websites do not copy my work. Please do not call me asking who makes the item of interest as this is privileged information. Just two companies are my suppliers with the highest quality of merchandise. I do not carry Paula Young, Beauty Trends, Silhouettes or Rachel Welch merchandise. My prices are well-matched with what is on the internet.  

I truly Appreciate You looking at my website and the phone calls, Please call Alice at 434 942-2949 if you need help navigating this website. I am always happy to walk you through the site however please be aware of that I may be with a client when you call of which I will return your call when we both can go over the site together. Therefore, please book mark this site so you can easily return. In addition, I do not have multiple franchise websites that all look so similar except the backgrounds are different. It's just myself with One website where you receive One on One from the beginning to end.

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One of two European Shampoo Bowls   


A Personal Family Experience has made us aware of the necessities and requirements for hair loss solutions. Care, with compassion for others while providing knowledge of what we offer insuring that what you order is exactly what you want and expect. When our hair looks good, we feel better about ourselves. As you click through our web's pages we hope that while surfing with us you will find this site to be equally relaxing and beneficial. 

Shown is a small portion of our large inventory consisting of dozens of wigs, turbans, hair integrations and care products. Take your time while looking around; be sure to see everything we offer in connection with your interests and needs before you purchase. By now you know what quality is; you have high standards and us as well) and expectations that must be met. 

 We expect the same from our distributors as you expect from us.www.todaystylist.com offers style selections from top manufacturers of alternative hair.

We care! Since 1985 we have taken pride in serving our clients with quality merchandise and professionalism for your satisfaction. Our meticulous awareness to every detail and the unique needs of each client we have developed a sense of purpose that enable us to attain truly extraordinary results. Whether you are facing the possibility of temporary or permanent hair loss or simply searching for a new fashion look, http://www.todaystylist.com/ can provide exactly what you need.

Losing your hair can be overwhelmingly upsetting. In the salon or through the website I am not only sensitive to the situation, but can wonderfully adept your needs at matching your natural hair color and style with a superb wig or hairpiece. Or help you discover a whole new fashion image.

While hair loss is common to patients undergoing certain medical treatments, each person facing such procedures is unique all on it's own individuality. It may not be possible to predict with certainty when or even if significant hair loss will occur.

By sending your pictures and measurements, there will be assistance in selecting just the right wig or hairpiece especially for you!

Offered are the finest human and synthetic hair wigs and hairpieces available. I consult with you in making the proper selection to fit your lifestyle, budget and time requirements.

Supplied for you is a detailed printed information sheet regarding the submission for reimbursement from your medical insurance carrier. Please request this information with your purchase.

You will receive printed care instructions for your human or synthetic wig or hairpiece. www.todaystylist.com goal is for your satisfaction. When you are thrilled with your purchase and the way you look, we are also!

Do not copy. Property copyrights http://www.todaystylist.com Alice  Nicki

You may http://www.todaystylist.com/PHONE call regarding a salon hair or wig-hair piece- toupee fitting appointment that "can" be available Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 6 PM EST. Saturday 10 AM to 1 PM. Closed Sunday. These hours are not particularly set for walk-ins and are the hours available for appointments that are shared between Nicki or Alice. We are not at the salon during these hours unless there is an appointment. Continue to scroll for additional appointment information.

Please call Salon 434 385 0347 and if we are not in the salon please leave a message, we will return your call as soon as possible. 

Pertaining to and taking into consideration that we do not necessarily have regular business hours due to reasons beyond our control please feel free to call our mobile phones for salon questions, appointments and all other hair related inquiries. You are more than welcome to call our mobile phones Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 6 PM EST. Saturday 10 AM to 1 PM. We will then make your appointment at some point during our mentioned business hours.

Alice's Cell 434 942 2949 or Nicki's Cell 434 660 2259

Our time in the salon varies accordingly to the day's scheduled appointments. We have a nice big red open sign in the shape of a flag. In addition we have a flashing open sign in the window. These will let you know that we are open and in the salon whereas you are more than welcome to walk in and browse. Available are over 100 wigs and hair pieces to choose from and if your color is in stock you may take your purchase home on that very day. No waiting! That's a sweet deal! Otherwise: we can have your matching color in the salon to pick up within 24 hours.

Nicki or Alice are extremely proficient in our salon services.

Our retail products include Redken, Pureology and wig-hairpiece-toupee cleansing and styling products including tape, glue and wig refreshing spray. Turbans are also available.

We specialize in hair coloring services using Redken, Goldwell and Scruples.

Iso Perms


Special Features We Offer:

* Hundreds of top of the line wigs in the newest Styles in all lengths of human hair and hand tied.

 * Top of the line synthetic wigs and hairpieces,

*Lace Front Wigs, *Synthetic Heat Defiant Wigs 

*Wigs & Hairpieces made of 100% Indian Human Hair.

*Men's toupees and wigs available in human hair

*Monofilaments, Petites, Large Caps, Skin Tabs *Customized fitting

*Custom color blending for human hair and synthetics

*Hair extensions, *Wiglets, *Hair Additions,

*Hair Integrations Wigs *Integration Hairpieces.

*Costume/Halloween wigs *Repairs on wigs and hairpieces *Alterations

*Scarves, turbans and hats *Special Custom Made Orders

*Over night shipping (optional) added cost

*Transgender wigs

*Experience since 1985 *Volunteer for Hospice

*Compassion, knowledge.

*Serving others with humility and gratification.

Many styles features our Customized Made Wig Caps and Hair Pieces. Our hand made Silk Monofilament allows the scalp to breath while wearing and can be worn parted anywhere or without a part including with or without bangs. A special feature with our customized caps giving the illusion that the each hair is actually growing from the scalp.

Beautiful Naturally Wigs Hairpieces is located inside of this beautiful modern salon. Please feel free to visit the salon, where the atmosphere is relaxing and professional.

 Click on top of salon pictures to enlarge. Please allow time for enlarged pictures to down load as they are large and give an excellent view of the salon.

Yours Truly: Alice E. A. Hampton and hubby Jerry (4/5/40 - 10/2/12) So missing him.


When viewing this website you are about to embark on the adventure and perhaps what you've been looking for... enjoy your trip around my World of Wigs and Hairpieces at www.todaystylist.com  My web pages are long due to the descriptions and besides, I am a hairstylist and tend to be a bit words-y.


You will find God's Love on This Site, spiritual texts and images on this website.

 Call Us * to place your order, or if you have questions before you order from this website if you need help navigating or finding what you need, I will walk through the website with you.

This is an independent solely and exclusively owned website and we ARE NOT affiliated or a subsidiary with any other Wig Hairpiece Website. If you plan to order from another website kindly call THAT website for answers to your product and color questions. Thank you for your consideration and respect on this matter.



Alice Elizabeth Anderson Hampton

% Beautiful Naturally

349 Horseman Dr. Lynchburg, Va. 24502

Thank You For Looking At Beautiful Naturally Website.



Inquiries: Inquiries Email

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Website www.todaystylist.com published in the year of 2000

Copy Writes: Color Swatch photos and all other photos, images, documents,

 wording, descriptions, backgrounds have copy writes AEAH

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